Everyone is waking up late and its a school day.


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Almost forgot how good it felt

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Fight your Fear with Five Shark Facts:
1: Approximately 3.17 sharks are killed by humans every second while only less than 6 humans are killed by sharks every year. 
2: Sharks are relatively high in the food chain and keep populations of prey in check. 
3: Sharks have roamed the ocean for almost 400 million years, even before the dinosaurs. 
4: Your chances of encountering a Shark is very rare. You are more likely to get struck with lightning than to encounter a Shark.
5: Sharks are a slow growing species that don’t breed often. They are vulnerable to extinction.
Sharks have a bad rep above the ocean. Their creepy grins, appetite for meat and sharp teeth make it hard to appreciate them. While it may seem like they are out to get us, sharks are a magnificent species that need to be protected.

I went ass eating today(thank u grammy)

Rian complained about how Alex and Jack never leave enough room for him to sign.
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